Winter Blues? Plan a Winter of Wow With These Winter Self Care Tips


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Be warm to yourself when it’s cold outside. Winter self care is so important because it’s easy to become depleted during the colder, darker months of the year. The depletion that often occurs during winter is both physical and emotional. The good news is that sprinkling in just a dash of “me time” can keep you revved up.

How Can I Practice Self-Care in the Winter?

There are a number of self-care ideas that can help you beat the winter blues. Just use these small and simple mental health tips for winter to have a season of wellness even if you’re busy.


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Tip #1: Schedule Some Window Time

I know that standing by a window doesn’t exactly sound as exciting as a self-care plan that includes an escape to the tropics. Just hear me out about how important this winter self care tip really is for busy people. Reduced daylight during the winter makes it very likely that you’re not seeing daylight at all if you’re driving to work before sunrise, having lunch at your desk to catch up and driving home after dark. Make time every day for a “window vacation” if you spend most of your day indoors in a windowless environment.

While you may not be able to enjoy that sunny, nature-filled getaway you see other people taking on Instagram, this small daily practice honors the idea that you deserve special time alone in the sun. In fact, this is a tip I often share for self care for nurses because so many people in this profession work 10-hour to 12-hour shifts without ever getting outside while the sun is up!

Tip #2: Reconnect With a Childhood Activity You Love

Do you remember losing yourself for hours in a fun, engaging activity when you were a kid? In fact, you were probably so preoccupied with doing the things you loved that you never even realized just how cold and unforgiving winter can be back then. Wrap yourself in the warmth of a childhood activity that brought you joy. This can be something like sketching, painting, playing a board game for hours, building worlds in a computer game or writing poetry.

Tip #3: Make a Hygge Corner

Winter self care

“Hygge” is a Norwegian concept for a state of being that involves coziness, comfort, wellness and contentment. While it’s very similar to the idea of just relaxing, Hygge goes deeper. It is about honoring your time spent in comfort as a joyful need. Having a hygge corner in your home is great for creating a retreat space. Picture a spot with plush blankets, a mug that’s always anticipating hot tea and a pile of books you love. You can even consider making or buying an actual tent for your private hygge fort.

Tip #4: Make Bubble Baths Essential

Yes, a bubble bath is a bit of a self-care cliché. That’s probably what makes so many people simply skip over this one when they see it featured on every list for emotional self care out there. Let’s really break down a bubble bath as a winter self care essential. The contrast of a warm bubble bath against the cold, howling air outside is soothing, healing and comforting. The hot bath surrounded by warm, moistened air takes on a cocoon-like atmosphere. It is here that you can plot your emergence for the spring while tenderly caring for your mind, body and soul in solitude.

Tip #5 Try Hot Yoga 

Hot yoga is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day. Studies have found that hot yoga can help melt away stress.  You can practice hot yoga without even leaving your home. There are many online yoga classes that are really great. 

Download Hot Yoga Classes Online

Embrace Winter as the Season of Caring for Self

I hope this little list of very simple ways to practice a self-care routine at home this winter inspires you. There is so much warmth to be found within when the weather is cold. I’ve found in my practice that many people who previously dreaded the “doldrums” of winter actually begin to cherish the starkness of the season once they understand it as a season for nurturing the seeds of self that have gone underground in anticipation of emergence.

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