This Is The Ultimate Playlist To Ramp Up Your Workout Motivation


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Have you lost gym motivation? Let’s face it, even for the most motivated of us, working out can sometimes feel impossible.  From getting to the gym to staying there — the struggle is real! Whenever you are just not in the mood to hit the treadmill, you can count on an epic playlist to give you workout motivation. Music really has the power to motivate. So, if you’ve grown tired of your playlist, now’s the time to change the beat to get motivated. 

Why You Need a Good Workout Playlist

lost gym motivation

What you listen to while working out is the key to fitness motivation. That’s why Zumba and Soulcycle are so popular. It’s all about the music. A great workout playlist can give you the extra workout motivation that you need to get through even the toughest HIIT-sessions. It can help you push past those physical and mental roadblocks that keep you in a plateau. A killer playlist also allows you to take a mental break while working up a sweat. This can be so helpful after a hectic day at work. 

Need more reasons to change up your playlist? Here’s a science-backed one — research has shown that the right songs can make a workout seem easier. High-tempo music that has at least 170 beats per minute (BPM) can help increase the cardiovascular benefits of a workout while making the workout seem easier, according to research published in Frontiers in Psychology. 

Another study found that the right music boosts positive emotions about working out too, which is something that can keep you motivated to keep coming back to the gym. 

How To Put Together a Great Playlist for the Gym

Here are some pointers to help you craft the perfect workout playlist. Try choosing songs that have: 

  • An upbeat tempo 
  • Motivating lyrics 
  • A good beat drop 
  • Heavy bass 
  • A bit of nostalgia 

For yoga and stretching workouts, try to find something relaxing in the 70’s to 90’s BPM range.

I know that curating a workout playlist can be a challenge. So I’ve created a playlist that will kick even the most boring run into high gear. It has the perfect mix of songs for fitness motivation. Go ahead and add all of them to your Spotify playlist.

“Happy,”  by Pharrell Williams

It’s hard not to be happy when hearing this song. It’s the perfect tune to get your feet moving — whether it’s on the treadmill or dance floor. 

“Let’s Get Physical,  by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa – Let’s Get Physical Workout

Channeling Jane Fonda, Dua Lipa gets physical in the 80’s style music video for this song and you should too! It’s the perfect workout jam for those hip thrusters.

“Don’t Stop the Music,” by Rihanna

This is a high-tempo, high-intensity song that will help put you in the perfect target cardio zone and amp up your fitness motivation. Hearing this song will help you forget your heavy breathing. Go ahead and put it on repeat! 

“Good 4 U,” by Olivia Rodrigo

Don’t worry if you’ve lost gym motivation. This is the perfect banger to get you through a grueling workout or intense run especially if you have had a recent breakup! 

“Survivor,” by Destiny’s Child 

This 2002 hit by Beyonce’s former band is an almost perfect workout song. It has everything you need to get in shape. It’s super inspirational and features a great tempo.

“Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor 

Eye of the Tiger is the theme song from the 1982 boxing film Rocky III, featuring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. This 1982 classic is definitely one of the best workout songs there is for fitness motivation. This song was actually found to make people run faster in a research study published in the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise. 

“Thunderstruck,” by ACDC

Need a song to power your grueling weight-lifting sessions? This is the one! You’ll finish your reps feeling like a complete badass! 

“Lose Yourself”, by Eminem 

Here’s another great pick for pumping iron if you’ve lost gym motivation. The pulsating bass and lyrics are motivating enough to power a few extra reps. 

Just remember: Don’t play your music too loud. Headphones are a common cause of gradual hearing loss. If you use an Apple watch, download the Apple Noise app. This feature can check the sound levels on your headphones and notify you if you are at risk for hearing loss based on the decibel levels. 

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