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This Site (emilymendez.com), also known as the (Emily M Blog) is owned, operated, and published by Priceless Copy LLC. Priceless Copy LLC is a digital content creation company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Priceless Copy LLC does not offer medical, personal, legal, or mental health advice.

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We Do Not Provide Medical or Mental Health Advice or Treatment

This site (emilymendez.com) (Emily M Blog) provides general information on mental health, wellness, and related topics. The information and content on this site is general in nature and should not be construed as medical advice.

All content and information provided in this blog, website, or in any linked materials, is for entertainment only. It should not be intended as medical advice or treatment. Nor, is anything that you read on this site a substitute for medical expertise or professional mental health treatment.

If you have questions about a medical or mental health condition, please seek the advice of a qualified medical provider. We can’t provide medical advice or information. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call a healthcare professional or your local emergency services immediately. Never delay treatment or disregard advice from your doctor or another medical professional because of information that you view or read on this site.

The “Content” on this site may be developed through collaboration with various external contributors. Priceless Copy LLC makes no warranties about the accuracy of the information on this site, as this information may change at any time and without notice. Nor does Priceless Copy LLC make any claims as to the effectiveness or safety of any treatments, services, or products described on this site (emilymendez.com).

Priceless Copy LLC, owner and digital publisher of emilymendez.com, does not endorse any specific test, mental health provider, physician, clinician, service, product, procedure, opinion, or service mentioned on this site. We may express our opinions about products or services but this does not constitute an endorsement of a product or service.

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Reliance on the information provided by Priceless Copy LLC, the Emily M Blog, or on “emilymendez.com” is solely at your own risk.


How This Site Earns Revenue

In order to provide you with the very best mental health, wellness, travel, and lifestyle content, Priceless Copy LLC (emilymendez.com), and the Emily M Blog, may run advertisements. We may also publish sponsored or branded content or videos. All sponsored content will be clearly marked as such.

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Priceless Copy LLC (emilymendez.com), and the Emily M Blog may join with other companies or content creators, earn affiliate revenue through services and products you see on the website or on our social media channels. Whenever possible, we try to test products and services that earn us affiliate revenue.

Priceless Copy LLC (emilymendez.com) is a participant in the Share A Sale affiliate network, as well as others. These programs allow us to earn fees for product and service recommendations. This means that when we provide a link to a service or product and you purchase from these websites, I receive a small percentage of the purchase cost at no cost to you. We only ever recommend products that we believe in and would or do use ourselves.

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We may receive compensation from advertisers for blog posts or other content that is marked as “sponsored.” All product or service reviews are based on our honest opinions.

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