5 AM Routine: Tips to Get You Out of Bed and Moving


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Have you heard of the 5am club morning routine? Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner, and other celebrities swear by it. People who have tried the 5am Club routine say that they feel more productive and energized from waking up in the morning at 5am everyday.

What Is the 5am Club?

The 5am Club was started by performance expert Robin Sharma more than twenty years ago. Sharma believed that waking up at 5am and doing activities that promote your physical, emotional, and spiritual health would lead to happiness, focus, and productivity. Examples of activities include working out, meditation, and reading. 

The point is to wake up early in the morning before anyone and focus entirely on yourself. You are using this distraction-free time to fuel your mind and body for the day. Sharma recommended doing activities during this time that help you move, grow, and reflect, such as fitness or reading. 

The 5am club is not for everyone. Waking up that early in the morning can be elusive to most of us. However, even Night Owls can become early risers with practice. 

Want to try out this method but can’t imagine waking up in the morning at 5 am?

How To Make It Easier To Wake Up

Waking up early is doable even if you are not a morning person. Here are the tips to help you.

# 1 Lay Out Your Clothes 

If you’re wondering how to make it easier to stay committed to the 5am routine, laying out your clothes the night before is a great idea. Make sure you can see them from your bed, too. That way, if you’re tempted to drift off to sleep, you’ll have a reminder of your goals right in front of you!

# 2 Be Realistic

Remember that getting up early in the morning will be an adjustment. If you are currently going to bed at 2 AM, don’t expect to be able to join the 5am Club right away. It will take time. You 

will need to slowly adjust your sleep schedule to get used to getting up earlier. Choose a new wake up time that is slightly earlier than your current one and work towards getting up earlier and earlier. 

#3 Plan Ahead

If you do the 5am routine and wake up one hour before everyone in your house, what will you do with that extra time? Perhaps you will use that time for your workout. With your workout out of the way earlier, you’ll have more downtime to work on a hobby, catch up on your favorite show, or just relax later in the day.

#4 Sign Up for a Class

If you enjoy fitness classes, you might sign up for an early morning class. Ideally, choose a morning workout class that’s non-refundable. Working out with other early risers can be surprisingly energizing. Plus, the fact that it’s non-refundable might help you actually wake up earlier. You’ll probably want to get your money’s worth more than you’ll want to sleep in.

#5 Get the Right Alarm Clock

5am routine, 5am club morning routine

There’s an alarm clock out there for everyone, and lots are geared toward people who have trouble waking up! Do you usually wake up feeling tired? Try a sleep tracker app that wakes you up in a lighter sleep. If you’re not quite that tech-savvy, getting a regular alarm clock and setting it across the room from your bed can work wonders.

# 6 Remember Your Reasons

When you made the decision to try the 5am club morning routine, you probably had some reasons in mind. Maybe you’re looking forward to feeling invigorated throughout the day. Or maybe you want to spend the time getting organized for the day so you will stress less. 

Whatever your reasons are, try writing them down and keeping them by your bed. That way, when a little extra sleep is tempting, you can remind yourself that it will all be worth it!

5am Routine: Stay Committed!

Getting out of bed early to work on your personal goals may not be easy at first. But keep in mind that getting up earlier will get easier with time — provided you do it consistently. Make a schedule and stick to your routine, and you should be good to go!            

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